To the Colours! Regimental Flags of the United States Colored Troops

by James Brookes

My dissertation supervisor Professor Zoe Trodd asked me to write another short piece that merged my interest in Civil War history with the fact that we are celebrating Black History Month here in the UK. The article is written for the University of Nottingham’s Black History Month blog, which tracks the events and activities relating to the university and city during this important month. I decided to conduct a concise exploration of the regimental flags of African American soldiers with a particular analysis of the colours of the 24th U.S.C.T. You may find the post here.

To-the-coloursBowser, David B., ‘Colours of the 24th U.S.C.T.’, regimental flag, 1865, Jubilo! The Emancipation Century Blog, (accessed 29/10/2014)